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I have been working on graphic design the last spring and summer with the goal of making my own printed fabrics. That’s very exciting because I love vintage style design and the idea of making my own fabrics… Wow!

I have made a lot of graphics, sitting on my hard disk. So far I have sent off some of them to the printer to make color proof and I have just received them. It is so fun!

I haven’t decided yet if I should sell them through the printer service or if I should do it commission style, selling through my shop, but without stock, so it would take about 1 month to receive fabrics. It would be quicker for you to buy through the printer, but I would get less paid or even none if you buy the “swatch” size. Or I could add my own profit margin by selling through my shop. I haven’t really decided yet. Meanwhile I have enabled some of the designs at the printer so you can buy already now if you want! :)

Please note, if you see something you love, but you hate the colors, or more likely: if you love the design but want it BIGGER please do not hesitate to contact me! I make the designs in vector format, which means that I can scale the print to use to make bold curtains for example. Right now the designs are made to fit the 1/6 scale dolls but I would love to make bigger prints too!

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