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I have made five dresses for Emerald Witch! Four of them I have even used the fabrics that I have designed myself from Spoonflower. The last one I used exclusive fabrics from one Japanese fabric designer, her emphasis is on cute and pink vintage style designs. I hope you will like the clothes!

The Emerald Witch dresses will appear at the main shop at this time:

Sunday, 19th of December 2010
20:00 (8 pm) Swedish time

And by the way, I have done a big closet clean out with a new category: Second Hand. There’s even one Emerald Witch dress!


Correction: I wrote Saturday by mistake. it should be Sunday. I am terribly sorry for the confusion. Also my computer’s hard disk has died totally so I am without computer now. Borrowing computer and using my iphone to keep myself updated. I will try to keep the time tomorrow and enable the shop. Thankfully I have done the major works of listing and all so it is just a matter of me logging in and enable for selling. Thanks for your understanding!

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