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Early this year I decided to undress everyone of my Neo Blythe dolls. All of them. The decision is that I am stuck with some certain clothes for one particular Blythe and that everyone should have equal chance to have new-for-them fashion. The redressing took days!

Then the goal were to photograph everyone of them in their new fashion. It is going slowly.

So far these following girls got new photos!

Flower Bouquet

[miniflickr user_id=”80066810@N00″ tags=”fbphoto” tag_mode=”any” per_page=”12″]

Sugar Cookie

[miniflickr user_id=”80066810@N00″ tags=”scphoto” tag_mode=”any” per_page=”12″]

Saffron Tea

[miniflickr user_id=”80066810@N00″ tags=”stphoto” tag_mode=”any” per_page=”12″]

Candy Pink

[miniflickr user_id=”80066810@N00″ tags=”cpphoto” tag_mode=”any” per_page=”12″]

Forest Meadow

[miniflickr user_id=”80066810@N00″ tags=”fmphoto” tag_mode=”any” per_page=”12″]


[miniflickr user_id=”80066810@N00″ tags=”buphoto” tag_mode=”any” per_page=”12″]

Lily Valley

[miniflickr user_id=”80066810@N00″ tags=”lvphoto” tag_mode=”any” per_page=”12″]

I have also photographed Lollipop, Popsicle, Lemon Curd and Petunia (in yesterday, in fact), but the photos are waiting to be processed and posted. Eventually.

What do you think? Ambitious?

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