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Starting with the fun stuff now!

This page is for the giveaways of two pattern sets! HOPSCOTCH HAPPY: sewing patterns for neo Blythes, non-seller license.

Booklet cover viewBooklet page view

Enter a comment below here on this page with your name and working email address in the fields and I will add you to the list! On the 18th of March, I am going to use random.org to choose the winners.  The first and the second number to appear would be the winners.

Good luck and hope you will win!

The Giveaway List

01: Kyle
O2: Jonna Sanders
03: Aimee
04: Carolina Andersson
05: Marta
06: Elizabeth Taylor
07: Ruth
08: Leah
09: Eerika
10: Julie Westphal
11: Alisa Workman
12: Lisa
13: Maria
14: Noelia
15: Fiona Berger

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  1. Kyle

    This is precious! Here’s to the next 10 years of Funny Bunny!♥


  2. Jonna Sanders

    Happy anniversary! Can’t wait to meet you at the Seattle Blythecon!

  3. Aimee

    HUZZA! Potential free stuff from Funny Bunny is magical. Also this pattern is ridiculously cute!

  4. Marta

    Happy anniversary! Such a cute pattern.

  5. Elizabeth Taylor

    I love this pattern! Happy Anniversary. :)

  6. Ruth

    Helena! happy Anniversary!! :) I love your patterns and your inspirational creations!! Thank you for being a bright spot for me and for your years of friendship too.

  7. Leah

    Happy Anniversary Helena!! I love how detailed this pattern looks. Very impressive :D

  8. Eerika

    Happy anniversary Helena! It’s been a pleasure to follow your work all these years, and I hope there’ll be many, many, many years of wonderful Funny Bunny loveliness to yet come!

  9. Julie Westphal

    Congratulations Helena!

    Oh what fun it has been!

    I love your bright happy colorful style!

  10. Alisa Workman

    Congratulations on your anniversary!

  11. Lisa

    Happy anniversary, this pattern set is so lovely!

  12. Maria

    Love this pattern so much, a beautiful classic dress <3

  13. noelia


  14. Fiona Berger

    Ooh, this is such fun!

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