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The last giveaway!

And for the last giveaway I am offering Funny Bunny Helmet number zero, the prototype one! Before I have only made helmets without ear of this type, and then I cracked the idea to add bunny ears for the Funny Bunny and add matching motif!

This is the prototype. The fit of the helmet itself is identical as the other ones. The ears is what is prototype: It is flat, have topstitching around the ear and have no wire inside. Then the embroidery motif of the Bunny side also have some imperfections as you can see if you study that side. Other than that the helmet is just as the normal ones. Raspberry-ish red wool fabric, pink fabric with polka dots for the lining. The rest you can see for yourself, really. Let the photos talk! Click for bigger photos. I know the originals are quite large photos, sorry for that. But at least you can really study the details! It is all out in the open!



Enter a comment below here on this page with your name and working email address in the fields and I will add you to the list! On the 18th of March, I am going to use random.org to choose the winner.  The first number to appear would be the winner.

Good luck and hope you will win!

The Giveaway List

01: Ruth
02: Rebecca
03: Adele
04: Jonna Sanders
05: Yi Ting Koh
06: Annie
07: Carolina Andersson
08: Maggie Stimson
09: Elizabeth Taylor
10: Marta
11: LaLa
12: Fae
13: Jordana
14: Kimberly Munn
15: Fiona Berger
16: Jenny
17: Lorraine van der Maas
18: Kyle
19: Nikki
20: Alisa Workman
21: Ashley
22: Chun
23: Lisa
24: Jess

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  1. Ruth

    Happy Anniversary!! <3

  2. Rebecca

    Happy anniversary!

  3. Adele

    You are so talented! Happy anniversary to you and your girls!

  4. yi ting koh

    Happy Anniversary!!!!

  5. Annie


  6. Maggie Stimson

    Congratulations!!! I love all your designs!!! <333

  7. Elizabeth Taylor

    Super cute hat! :)

  8. Marta

    Happy anniversary!!

  9. Lala

    Happy 10th anniversary Helena! Funny Bunny Rocks!!! <3

  10. Fae

    A happy 10 years to you, that’s awesome!

  11. jordana

    happy anniversary! i love your stuff so much :D

  12. Kimberly Munn

    Happy Anniversary! 10 years is awesome! Can’t wait to see you at BC again this year!:)

  13. Fiona Berger

    Happy Anniversary! I love your work!

  14. Jenny

    you are so sweet, Funny Bunny!

  15. Lorraine van der Maas

    Aw wonderful bunny hat lol!! Hehe you make me laugh!! Yay for 10 years wow :)

  16. Kyle

    Oh man, this is cute! I can’t wait to see what you come up with in the next 10 years!♥

  17. Nikki

    Happy anniversary! xxx

  18. Alisa Workman

    What a wonderful bunny helmet. Happy Anniversary

  19. Ashley

    This is so cute!! Happy Anniversary :)

  20. Chun

    Super cute! Many years to come!

  21. Lisa

    Happy anniversary! :)

  22. Jess

    Happy anniversary! 10 years for me too in summer :D

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