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I haven’t updated the My Dolls page since long time and there’s a number of dolls in queue to be added. I haven’t added all of them due to lack of photos. But so far I have changed “Flora” to Dorotea Lime Zing and I have added Spirulina Spruce, Midori Watermelon Muffin and Poppy Pomegranate.

I have yet to add Violet Beauregarde (Neo Blythe custom), Rainbow (Petite Blythe yarnhead) and Penny Peony(Middie Blythe) as well as some random minor dolls. Later! Photos first!

I also removed one poor Emerald Witch which I sold on Blythecon Chicago after have been talked into it. I regret it, haha. I have to buy a new one to replace her. I cannot have just six.

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