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The 18th of March will be Funny Bunny’s anniversay day! 15 years! Hard to believe.

I got tired of the old look of the website. It was too fussy any graphic-intense so I wanted to remove everything and have a clean look to this. For now I am setting up the bare bones. Once I am finished with that, I will try to figure out which graphic profile I am going to use.

I have installed a new theme that is fully automatic. Before I had a custom made and very old theme that was outdated already when I installed it first time in 2009. Now that was almost 10 years ago and it being outdated almost 10 years ago is terrible, right?! So now I am trying to stick to a ready-made well updated theme instead for trying to wrangle the HTML and CSS. So now I am trying to customize it through the admin panel instead.

For now half of the pages work as it should. My Collection and Sew with Funny Bunny is still messed up. I am not entirely happy with the shop plugin either. Before I could disable the category thumbnails, but I am unable to do so now, for example. I guess I could try to work around it by CSS-wrangling. Another day!

Comment and tell me if something is broken and you need it.

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