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I have made three corsets so far, but I will only show this one, the second. I am also pleased with my third corset but I do not have any good photos of it.

This was my first overbust corset and I used a sewing pattern from Simplicity but I modified it much to fit me. But alas, I made the mock up of a twill fabric that turned out being a little stretchier than the final fabric I used. So lesson learned, always test the fabric using for mock up so its characteristics would match that of final fabric!

So it turned out being a little smaller and a little less curvy than my body would tolerate. But it became a good base to work with for making the pattern for the third corset! For the third corset I made a lot of adjustments to make the fit even better.

Even if I never really used it, it was a fun project to do. Also, now in retrospect I would have chosen other fabric. It is a little too garish for my current tastes! But again, it was a fun project!

Below here you see a gallery of the then unfinished third corset. It was then new and not yet embellished, and also I had put it on a little high up on my body. But even then it was much better than the “Flower Power” corset! On the pictures you can also see me wearing a chemise I made too. After the first outing I sewn on lace trim and ribbon bow on top and on the bottom I stitched flossing; hand embroidery detail on every boning channel.

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