I could hardly knit until sometime in mid 00’s and then I decided that I couldn’t blame on being left handed anymore and found a knitting website and taught myself following its videos. I began with knitting doll fashion, then I also began to knit other projects. Here you can see those projects. Lace knitting is the most fun thing to knit I think. I gave the brown one to my mother.

After a few years I bought myself a knitting machine and I made two sweaters with that one, you can see the rainbow striped one being in progress on the machine above and the other one being a brown sweater with blue anemone motif I have designed myself.

Now I have stopped knitting as a part of trying to remove parts from my life that overwhelms me. I do still have my large yarn stash and knitting tools in the storage in case I want to take up knitting again!

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