In time for my first Blythecon trip in 2010 I decided I needed a backpack to use for the traveling. I did not want to buy one because all the backpacks I saw in shops were boring and/or juvenile (in wrong way).

I had a lot of cute Japanese fabrics and some of them were coarse/thicker and unsuitable for doll fashion sewing, due to a mistake of my part when I bought them. I made wallet of one of them as I wrote earlier, and I made backpack of another one.

I was in such a hurry to get finished in time for the travel so I bought a pattern online somewhere and I followed the pattern, with exception for the front pocket design.

I used craft foam to pad the upper part of the straps and it was a good solution.

I used it so much that it got tattered in pieces with holes and all. Then I had to force myself to retire it. Thank you for your time, backpack! Fun fact: one of the animals on the print inspired me to create Miss Bunny, that is, the Funny Bunny mascot.

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