Who is behind Funny Bunny?

Hello, my name is Helena Hultén and I live in Sweden. I love vintage style and fashion. I like to design and sew. Vintage and vintage looking dolls are awesome as muse and models. So that’s how I began with collecting on dolls. When I began with Blythe dolls I felt that I have found something that is spot on “me!” and eventually also Emerald Witch dolls for a different aesthetics. Finally also Sindy dolls, who at beginning I thought were boring but they grew on me as I became more nostalgic, because a Sindy doll is what I had as a little girl, a blonde one which I sadly lost.

I am a craft addict. I am the one who have to try out every kind of craft, the more unusual the better. With that comes a big stash of materials and tools. Most people know of me for my sewing but I do not want to limit myself to that.

I do not only create physical items, I like to create digitally too. Vector drawing in CorelDraw, if I may say so I am quite good on that one. I also use that software to create sewing patterns, mostly doll size.

Craft something digitally and then turn it into physical product is something I really enjoy and I have tried on making graphic prints for fabrics, and oh how fun is that! In that category I also create machine embroidery design files by hand digitizing (using the software Embird Studio), a whole science on its own.

Other than above I am also interested in late Victorian fashion as well as 18th century fashion. I have just begun with making reproduction clothes, both the visible layers and the foundation garments, striving for relatively authentic look but not necessarily 100% authentic in making, for myself. I have joined a society where we meet wearing our clothes we made or purchased. The outfit I am wearing in the photo is aiming to look like Victorian fashion, circa 1895 to be exact.


Seattle 2015 Photographed by Lauren Musni

Seattle 2015 Photographed by Lauren Musni


Wearing my first Victorian outfit


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