Seattle 2015 Photographed by Lauren Musni

Hello, my name is Helena Hultén and I live in Sweden. I love vintage fashion and aesthetics. I like to design and sew. Vintage and vintage looking dolls are fantastic as muse and models. So that’s how I began with collecting on dolls.

When I began with Blythe dolls I felt that I have found something that is really clicked with me and eventually also Emerald Witch dolls for a slightly different aesthetics.

Finally also Sindy dolls, who at beginning I thought were boring but they grew on me as I became more nostalgic, because a Sindy doll is what I had as a little girl, a blonde one which I sadly lost.

Then I eventually went into a pastel colors phase and rediscovered my love for My Little Pony toys, those from the 80s.

I also like other dolls that are of similar aesthetics, for example the so called pose dolls (vintage boudoir type dolls from Japan and Korea) and the Odeco Nikki dolls.

Wearing my first Victorian inspired outfit

I am a craft addict. I am the one who have to try out every kind of craft and be done with it. With that comes a big stash of materials and tools. Most people know of me for my sewing but I certainly do not want to limit myself to that.

I do not only create physical items, I like to create digitally too. Vector drawing in CorelDraw, if I may say so I am quite good on that one. I also use that software to create sewing patterns, mostly doll size.

Craft something digitally and then turn it into physical product is something I really enjoy and I have tried on making graphic prints for fabrics, and oh how fun is that! In that category I also create machine embroidery design files by hand digitizing (using the software Embird Studio), a whole science on its own. And then eventually I also began with using a cutter machine to cut out designs. Initially I bought it to simplify the process of cutting fabrics only to discover it is not suitable at all for that but then I love it to cut out paperwork and to cut vinyl iron on designs for my fashion.

I also like to dabble on other digital producing aspects such as programming and 3d modeling.

And as a last footnote I like to  sew human clothes too, but only for myself because I can’t deal with the different sizes. By then I like to make historic garments and I love to geek so much into the research process.

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