Emerald Witch is a cute doll released in 1972, by Girl’s World/Amsco, Milton-Bradley. There’s not very much information online about her (yet) so I’ve decided to write about her and her quirks. I have six Emerald Witches so here’s a load of information I have gleaned from my work on these dolls.

Emerald Witch stands about 15 cm tall. Her body is chubby and cute. Her main feature is her eyes; if you put a battery in her battery compartment a light will flash through her transparent green eyes, particularly if you shake her. There are no on/off switch so the battery will run out quick if you leave it in.

Her skin is light purple and her hair is rooted with mint green hair.

If the battery cover is still there it should read 1972 Girls World Pat. Pend.Made in Japan.

Information and restoration

It is fairly easy to restore her outer appearance if you’re used to restoring dolls. But it is unfortunately hard to restore the mechanism if it is broken or corroded. If you are about to buy an Emerald Witch and want to see her light up it is better to buy a working one from the beginning. Ask the seller!

Head & Makeup

The head can be carefully removed from the body with a tug. Use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sponge to remove dirt from her face. Stay away from the makeup as the sponge does a very good job on removing that as well. You can also use wet cotton tips to swipe around, for example in the eyes. The head can be submerged into water. (read the hair section first!) The first photo shows two Emerald Witches with different makeup. The left one, in minty shape has almost no cheek blush. The right witch, a little more played with, has a lot of blush.

To put the head back on the body: see photo 2 below here, in the hole inside the neck there is a groove. The edge of the neck should go into this groove. There’s a notch on the edge to make this easier. Often when you buy a played with Emerald Witch the head may be put on incorrectly, too deep down on the neck. And with age, the vinyl corrodes the plastic of the body. (this is normal, because of the ingredient in vinyl plastic that makes it soft creeps over to the hard plastic and deforms that, so never store vinyl together with plastic) That may leave a mark on the neck. If it is severe-looking you may cut a strip of sanding paper/foam and put it around the neck and slide it around until you’re satisfied with how it looks. Use finer grain sandpaper until it is smooth.


This is a big caution! The hair will shrink if it’s put in too much hot water. So when you wash the head and/or the head do not use too hot water. It is better to use colder water. (hand temperature or colder). Do not use any kind of hair treatment that involves heat. Ironing, flat iron, curling iron, boiling, all these things are bad for Emerald Witch’s sensitive hair. Trust me on this one, too many people, including me, had bad experience with watching the hair clump, burn, shrink, frizz up or all at once.

You can wash the hair with shampoo, soap, conditioner or what you prefer, but stay away from hot water and rubbing. I use shampoo and then conditioner if the hair is in fairly ok shape. If the hair is really dirty I use dish detergent (the hand dish one, obviously) first.


The body should not be submerged in water unless the mech is really broken and you’re okay with it. The legs and arms can be removed, if you do it very carefully. That way the parts can be washed separately and you can clean the arms and legs in running water. To put the legs and arms back in, you push in as much as you can. If some part is sticking out stubbornly you can use a blunt rounded end (wrong end of crochet hook for example) to poke it back in. Do not use too much force or you may pierce the material. The torso can be cleaned with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sponge and by using a wipe cloth dipped in water.

You may notice that the “seam” edges are brown/yellow to some degree. It is normal, almost all Emerald Witch has this. In the factory when they put together them they glued the seams together and usually the glue creep out. And the seams does not even up to 100% so there may be more glue visible on some parts to “make up the difference”. As said this is normal, and you should learn to live with it. These girls are vintage! :) But if you’re really hating this you could sand it. But the glue is pretty thick so you may have to sand for a while. Do not use Dremel, it will melt the plastic. And if the seam is pretty much uneven one side may get too thin and prone to crack?

If the body is scratchy you can use fine sand paper, working your way to finer grain, and then polish with plastic polish and she will have a shiny belly!

The inner of the body? It is not really possible to open a witch because of that they are glued together. So that’s why I recommended you to buy a working one if you want her to flash her eyes!

The Mechanism

The Battery

The battery to use is one AA battery. In my experience it is hard to remove the battery when it is put in. To make it easier I put a ribbon or a yarn around it before putting it into Emerald Witch. Another way is to put a tape “handle” on it. Also, be real careful when inserting the battery. Do not apply any force. It has unfortunately happened me that the lower metal part came loose by inserting the battery, which is not repairable without opening the body.

The Lamp

Technical info:

Lens Top

Base type: E10

Lamp width: 9 mm, height: 23-24 mm.

Voltage: 1.1 Volt, Ampere: not sure

I have not really been able to find 1.1 Volt light bulbs with the above specifications online or locally. But I did find some 1.2 Volt ones. These can be used, but the light is very faint by then, almost only visible in dark.

Here is the only page online I could find of the 1.1 Volt, but I think they’ve got high minimum order since they are manufacturer and wholesaler.

Be careful when removing the light bulb. If a little child in the past has bathed Emerald Witch too often it may be corroded and made the metal stick together. If the lamp is tested as faulty or even smashed, and it is stuck you may use a plier to squeeze between the metal layers. But this often causes the lamp holder to go out of shape.

Troubleshooting list

  • Battery should be fresh and working.
  • Carefully pull off the head. Is the lamp there? Check the socket looks okay, and that it is not detached or moving.
  • Is the metal battery contact free from corrosion in the form of green discoloring or other?
  • Verify with the parts shown here. Are all parts intact?
  1. Bottom part. There should be a big metal tab on the bottom, and it should be in touch with the battery. It is held in place with the small metal eyelet above the metal tab.
  2. The top part is actually the exposed bottom of the light bulb. Is it touching the battery? And is it free and no metal in way that would short-circuit to the side of the light bulb? The close-up photo of the top part shows how it looks like when the light bulb has been removed.
  3. The rectangular hole, the weight: There’s a metal weight attached to a spring steel. When you shake on the witch it should move freely, but not be broken off.
  4. The rectangular hole, the metal ball: You hold Emerald Witch head down, holding the doll above your head, and looking up through the rectangular hole. By then, on Emerald Witch’s bottom of the rectangle you should be able to see a metal ball. The metal ball is encased in a small “box” of plastic. The ball should move freely. If you hold Emerald Witch upright (her head up) the ball should move down and not be visible anymore. This very step is not as important as the other steps, as Emerald Witch can work without this.

Now that’s all the parts you can see without opening the body.

Opening up Emerald Witch (NOT RECOMMENDED!)

If you really want to open up your Emerald Witch to repair her you should first be sure that all the parts are at least there or you are knowledgeable in how to get a lamp to light up and how to improvise something to get it to work.

Emerald Witches are glued together at the factory and are very hard to open without fracturing the torso. There may be some Emerald Witches that have been glued together very poorly that the seams are open at many places. You can test by carefully pushing the body apart, removing head, arms and legs, examine around. Do not try to pry the body open. You may be lucky and she opens up.

If Emerald Witch’s torso is already fractured by hard playing or previous attempts to open you may saw her open through the seams. Do not use a knife, it may slip and you may get “prying” marks, whitened plastic or stress marks. Use a saw blade that is as thin as possible. The torso will be smaller as when you are sawing you’re removing some plastic. And it will be hard to line the body up when gluing it together again. So I do not really recommend doing this unless you’re desperate and do not care about the result of the body. In my opinion it is better to have an Emerald Witch with pretty looking original untouched body but broken light than a working witch with ugly cracked/sawed open body with uneven seams. I won’t explain how to repair the mech since if you want to repair her you should already be knowledgeable about electrics, soldering and repairing and I’ve written above about trouble shooting.

Tools to use in the restoration work

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sponges (original and plain)

Cotton swabs

Norton 3X Contour Sanding Sponges yellow and red

Thanks to Mat for English language verification!

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  1. Judy Ferguson

    Thanks for all your wonderful advise. I have one on ebay now. She is missing color on limbs and head. Is there a way to repaint? I had to seperate the doll from clothes as I paid too much for her.I would pass on the info to the collector giving you credit.You must love these dolls. They are cute and very unusual. Thanks for your time Sincerely Judy

  2. admin

    if you with missing color mean the purple color of the plastic? I do not know how you would do to restore it. It is not painted on, it is a part of the plastic itself. Maybe some cleaning with the sponge mentioned in article would work? How does it look on the parts that is missing color? It is new for me.

  3. ellie

    Hi, I wanted to add that Emerald also had a Haunted House case, which there is one listed on ebay right now. Do you know if she had other accesories? I love her. You’d never see a toy witch made today, yet Bratz dolls with botox looking lips and low cut outfits are perfectly fine for little girls… (um, whatever!)

    anyway, I was thinking… if you found a comparably sized doll with similar arms, you could soak them in RIT dye to make new purple limbs for an Emerald who needs a little TLC. Thank you for making this page.

  4. Anjolee Eickhoff

    I still have my emerald witch doll from when I was a kid and mine had alot of clothes and witch hats to go with her. I hope that answers the question above about accesories.

  5. Pam Roberts

    I am so happy that someone remembers this doll! I still have her but I lost her clothes and the battery back. I got it for my birthday and I remember my parents had to mail away for it. Thanks for this post! I love her.

  6. admin

    Hello Anjolee and Pam!
    Thank you for sharing your childhood stories with Emerald Witch. :)

  7. Lucine Taylor

    I have an Emerald the Witch doll , her case and an extra outfit. My daughter, who is now 41 got her for Christmas 1972. That is all she kept asking for. I live in a small town , Crisfield, Md., and tried everywhere to get her. Finally found one on the Western Shore of MD. in a Toys R Us in Baltimore. She cost $2.98. Her outfit was also $2.98 I ordered her case out of a catalog and that was $11.98. I have used her as a decoration for Halloween in the past.

  8. Wendy Whitehurst-Dade

    I have very sad news to report….a dispicable villian stole my Emerald from the doll case in my livingroom within the last 4 months. :(~ I believe I know who stole it and will be filing a report tomorrow. I live in Calvert County, MD. I picked my Emerald dolll out from all the others at the ToysRUs located in Marlow Heights on my 8th birthday. I have held onto her and loved her through all my childhood family troubles – evictions and multiple moves – and to lose her to a drug addict needing to/sell her for drugs breaks my heart. I hope by some miracle I can recover her. In the mean time, I am bidding on one of her sisters on Ebay. Please wish me luck on both efforts.

  9. Audrey

    I just picked up a emerald witch in excellent condition and took her head off with no problem to clean her good, when I tried to put the head back on I damaged the light bulb. FYI. I just bought some 1.1V miniature thru bulbs.com, SKU C335. Hope that helps. My question is I got the carrying case also with the cauldron and pop up plant. What in the world does the plant do. I noticed that when you pull the base down the petals fold up and go down, what in the world does the green petals do? They have a split on both sides. I also have no idea what the worth of the carrying case is because I will be listing it. TY for any future help.

  10. Brian

    WOuld u do me a favor and take a pic of the inside of her neck for me? I recently acquired one of these (with much excitement) but i cant tell what is goin on in the inside of her neck. cant tell if its a broken bulb in there, or a bent up dock to put the bulb in… im confused! LOL

  11. admin

    I am sorry but I have no clue about the other Emerald Witch items because the only I have related to her is the doll herself. ;) So I am terribly sorry I can’t help you further with information/value.

    Brian: I will photograph and send to your email.

  12. Tami

    I wanted to share my Emerald story.

    Mine was bought for me in the 70s, and I’ve always loved her. I cut and styled her hair (yes, heat does frizz) and despite my Mama’s warnings I took Emerald in the bath with me so she lost her eye flash. I didn’t and still don’t care, as I’ve said I have Emerald still and she’s well loved to this day. She evacuated from Katrina, for instance ;-)

    Now that I know there is stuff available for Emerald, I’d like to try to replace her black hat and booties, and I have a beret/chef’s-hat-looking hat and a little dress that had some red boots.

    Thanks for the information on how to care for Emerald

  13. Jenny

    I have an answer for Emerald’s accessories. :) There were 3 small items called “witching tricks” that were originally sold separately on a cards. She had a cauldron with removable lid which held a tiny alligator & rat inside (I think the inside of the cauldron flipped to show one or the other); a crystal ball with a wheel in the base that showed different pictures inside the ball; and a flower in a pot that “grew” probably by pulling on it. All 3 of these items are extremely hard to find. She also had the Haunted House carrying case, as mentioned above. I have a trade catalog page showing the Emerald doll line and a pink car is pictured, but no cars have turned up on the second hand market so it’s likely that it was only a prototpye. I’ve been collecting Emerald Witch for the last 13 years, and as far as I can tell these are the only pieces ever made for her (other than the 6 outfits, of course).

  14. Sharry A.

    I, too, have had my Emerald Witch doll since I got her for Christmas in 1972. She no longer flickers, and doesn’t have her hat and shoes. I can still hear the announcer’s voice on the TV commercial: “Her eyes light up when you give her a jiggle. She’s Emerald the Witch Doll”. I remember begging my mom for one and being so happy finding her under the tree on Christmas morning. She is currently a part of my Halloween decor. God Bless the 70s and dolls like Emerald.

  15. Brenda Richards

    I have the emerald witch doll and she is in excellent condition and is in her black plastic outfit, hat and boots with no rips or tears. The battery cover is in place but I assume the battery is dead since she does not light.
    If anyone would like to buy her, please let me know.

  16. Lisa

    I’ve got over 20 of the Emerald dolls and I’ve got clothes and the house. A few hangers for the outfits to hang inside the dollhouse and also an article from a magazine orginally advertising the doll & accessories. I’d be willing to part with some of these. Please contact me via email if you are interested. The prices on ebay are RIDICULOUS.

  17. admin

    Thank you Lisa for writing! I am emailing you now.

  18. stephanie

    Omg,I received this doll along with her haunted house(black with a purple roof) and 6 or 7 outfits with matching hats, boots and underwear plus little pink hangers Christmas morning,1972. I was 7 years old. I am happy to say I still have everything. Unfortunately, her eyes no longer blink. She is still very purple. I absolutely love this little doll. I saved everything thinking one day when I had a daughter she would enjoy playing with her as much as I once had. Boy was I wrong. My daughter was only interested in cutting all the hair off her Barbie Dolls. Since the witch dolls hair was off limits, my daughter had no interest in her. I would love to find out if there were any other things made for this doll. There’s always hope for grandchildren.

  19. amy

    OMG i found one today at an estate sale ($1) today and i love her.. better yet she works and with 2 outfits.. i typically sell alot of what i find but this time i just cant..

  20. Jacki Anderson

    I received my Emerald doll for a birthday gift. Especially exciting as I was born on Halloween. Have quite a few photos of me opening the gift and holding her up for everyone to see her flashing eyes. I still have Emerald along with 1 or 2 extra outfits. It is great to know others enjoyed Emerald too! (Anybody remember the Jodi doll that came with the old-fashioned General Store? I still have her also).

  21. admin

    How sweet memory of your birthday, how fun to have photos too! Be sure to keep them! As for Jodi, I had to google up her. She is sweet, looking something like from Anne of Green Gables!

  22. Chaplin

    I still have my Emerald. I got her along with her haunted house case and some outfits when I was 4 or 5 years old. I have always loved her. My mom got rid of the case and accessories but she at least saved Emerald! She still has her original dress but that is all. She does still have her battery cover! Today I finally got a complete original outfit for her! Now to find the doll house/case!

  23. Marsha

    Hi, I was missing a black boot and found one online in the last year or so on ebay. I delayed putting it on the doll and put it in my doll case for misc items. But just the other day while cleaning up I decided to put it on. Now I find that this was a homemade boot and I paid 30 dollars for it! I am SO mad. And I cannot find the seller for it, or I would contact her and tell her she’s a fraud. So if you are in need of a boot, beware. The original boot has a flat bottom boot and a round toe. This boot has a seam along the underside of the foot and a pointy toe. :-\

  24. Marsha

    Actually, while looking on ebay again, I see that other boots have the seam along the bottom. So apparently there are two versions of the standard black boot? Does anyone else have a flat boot black boot?
    Thank you.

  25. Helena

    Marsha, I have three pairs of the black boots. Two have the seam along bottom, and one pair has the flat bottom.
    Considering that it is playline doll it would not be unheard of seeing variations. Maybe they thought the flat bottom is too much hassle to sew, and made it simpler. It would be my theory. :)

  26. Pandora

    I’m just wringing in to confirm Jenny’s posting on 30/09/11 re the accessories for Emerald. I had all but the crystal Ball (damn!) and indeed a broomstick car was shown on the packaging but never materialised. I received mine for my birthday in ’72 and have 2 dolls with the haunted house, clothes cauldron and plant. I fully hold this doll responsible (with her cute black PVC outfit) for my becomeing a life-ling and happy Goth. Now 47 and still keep one of my Emeralds in a display case with me here in London. Best doll I ever had. Thank you for mentioning her here on this blog.

  27. admin

    Pandora! I just love how you are holding Emerald Witch responsible for your lifestyle, how awesome isn’t that! Emerald Witch love forever!

  28. Kat

    I was just telling my 6 year old daughter about my beloved Esmerelda doll and her haunted house. I wanted my parents to paint our house to look just like the haunted house :) Loved that doll!

  29. Helena

    Kat, I would love to see a house painted just like the haunted house!

  30. Herleena

    I just won a Emerald Witch doll. I have always wanted one since I saw one on ebay, but the prices were out of this world. I have been collecting the Witch Barbies for years now, this will be a great addition to my other Witchy dolls. Thank you for all the information on this doll.

  31. mike

    I have a Emerald Witch Doll that is still factory sealed.
    looking to sell
    Email me at V194@bellsouth.net

  32. Cricket

    I am awaiting my very first EW doll and I’m totally excited. It has been on my wantie list a long time. Finally found one I could afford. Seller says eyes don’t work and I suppose that
    is just fine with me. I doubt I will tamper with her other than clean her up.
    Thankful for the warning on the hair for sure. I’ve had that too warm of water experience on other dolls. Thanks for the website. Very informative.

  33. Moua

    Hi Helena!
    I just got my first Emerald Witch doll, and your site has been extremely helpful. Unfortunately, my EW’s head is a lot lower on her neck. I’ve tried to remove her head to correct this problem, but to no avail. I just can’t seem to get her head off without little tears showing up (neck splits). Is there a method that would help EW without me fully destroying her neck hole? Any help would be appreciated.

  34. admin

    Hello Moua!

    I am sorry you have troubles with your doll. Do you like her with the lower head? If not, then you might try to warm up the head, the vinyl plastic of it. So the plastic will be softer and more supple. If not, then you could maybe take photos and show so we can see if it is actually another mold?

  35. Moua

    Thanks, Helena!
    I was able to pry her head loose with minimal damage. I’m going to need to sand paper her neck. She’s got quite a few grooves in it. I don’t think she’s another mold. Just was probably well-loved. Thanks again for your informative site! <3 <3

  36. Deb Miller

    Thank you for providing such a thorough website-because of you I was able to get my lil Emerald working. Appreciate your time!

  37. admin

    I am glad you enjoyed the site!

  38. Evelyn crespo

    I remember when my dad surprise me one evening giving my beautiful green doll sad part about it I lost her many years ago and I’m trying to fine another just like . How would I be able to buy one Evelyn From Philadelphia .pa

  39. admin

    I hope you will get another one! I think the best bet is to go to Ebay and make a search for Emerald Witch (and then sift through the results until you find correct doll).

  40. Stephen Guckian

    hello i was just wondering how to replace the lightbuld in emerald?

  41. Stacy DiCola

    Hi everyone who has a Emerald the Witch doll. I have had my doll since I was 8 years old. She is in great condition but I am missing her hat and batt. Cover does any one know where I can buy those 2 items ?
    Please email me if you know where I can get the items.
    Thank Stacy

  42. admin

    Hello Stacy!

    How fun you have your doll since your childhood.
    The hat would be easier to get, but the battery cover is harder one. Out of my seven witches only one have. I am trying to figure out places you could ask.

    Other than looking for complete dolls on Ebay, maybe, if you have facebook, you could join this group.

    It is a sleepy group. But maybe with your post you could get things.

    Flickr has two groups
    But even more sleepy in the discussions. :)
    Just be aware that it is against Flickr rules to talk sale and such but just simply a post “I am looking for bla bla, can you help me find” should slip through.

    To be honest I do not know where people hang, really. I just have a few friends on Facebook I talk with sometimes, but no real forum place outside these 3 I listed above.

    As for the hat, you can have one of mine if you want one. Send me message “contact me” and let’s discuss.

  43. Amy

    Thought I might have imagined owning this doll. Oh, how I loved her! Do not know what happened to her. Maybe, hopefully, she is now belonging to someone here.

  44. ashleymae

    Hi, I got and emerald doll for Christmas this year and she had her original bulb. It was very bright and after a few times it burned out. After reading the comments on what type of bulb I have found that the little 1.1 bulb is nearly impossible if not extinct. I did manage to find a replacement bulb that works great.. very bright…and very inexpensive…under $6. The name of the company is called BULBTOWN. It’s in Jacksonville, Florida.( I just Goggled it and there it was.. Here is the bulb info if anyone, #112 Miniature Bulb E10 Base – 1.25 Volt 0.25 Amp 0.264 Watt TL-3, Miniature Screw Base, 5 Hour

  45. admin

    Thank you so much for your help! I will look if they will sell to me.

  46. denise

    Hello Emerald fans,
    I am the owner of an Emerald doll in gorgeous condition along with four outfits and her haunted house.
    I have happy memories of her as a child. I took good care of her! but have decided to list her for someone else to enjoy. She will be listed on ebay tonight at 7:00 pm for a week. The items are being auctioned as a bundle. If you have any interest please take a look and thank you! I have enjoyed following these posts!

  47. Helena

    Hello! Thank you for letting us know! :) Good luck with your auction, Denise!

  48. Laura Deshler

    I used to have this doll also. I loved her for many years before my mom threw her out cleaning my room. There was also an animated movie that came out sometime around ’72 and ’75. I don’t remember the name of it, but have been trying to find it. Does anyone here know what I’m talking about? I’ve only spoken to 1 other person years ago who remembers this, so I know I wan’t dreaming (or maybe the other person was humoring me? LOL)…

  49. Helena

    Laura, thank you for your comment. :) Too bad your mother cleaned it away. I can tell you I have similar problem with my own toys! I grew up in 80s and I miss my old Fabuland Lego and My Little Pony toys!

    As for the animation I am sorry I can’t help you. maybe you could google cartoons/animations and the time era?

  50. Michele

    Hi Helena! Do you know of any dress patterns for EW online?

  51. admin

    Hello Michele! Beyond the ones I have in Goodies, no not what I know of. *googled* There’s knitting on Ravelry and Etsy. But sewing, nah. I am sorry!

  52. Angela

    I have recently discovered a person on etsy makes cute dresses for Emerald. Her store name is “pinkyjane”. They are super cute!

  53. Judy

    Finally won one on ebay today!! Also , funny thing, looked on Etsy before knowing this site existed and found “pinkyjane” by accident and ordered an outfit. Lol! Sometimes things just fall into place. Also there is an emerald house on sale at Etsy but it’s way over my price range. Thought I’d share Just in case anyone’s looking. “Theflyingpeddler”.

  54. Cindy Pearce

    I would love to buy the carrying case,however the only one I seem to find is 455.00☹Anyone know of a cheaper one?

  55. Kim Miller

    Thanks for all of the information on one of my very favorite dolls. I still have my original Emerald, and her eyes still light up. Her hair is very frizzy though–well played with. I bought another one years ago at a doll show with beautiful hair but no light-up eyes. Thanks to your posts, I lifted up her head and there is no bulb. Like Brian above (many years ago) I’m confused…there is a metal cylinder–is that the socket, or the bottom of the bulb? I just went on Bulbs.com and bought a few–hooray! I still have the carrying case, but the plastic top is cracked. This has been a nice trip through memory lane, everyone!

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