Because Emerald Witch is such an odd and relatively rare doll and that her original shoes are simple boots made of fabric it may be hard to know which kind of shoes that will fit Emerald Witch. I have bought so many shoes for my witches so I figure that I can help you in the finding and buying process.

All Emerald Witch shoes

Foot measurement

Foot width: 14 mm (0.55″)
Foot length: 28 mm (1.1″)

The limbs are made of soft vinyl that is hollow so you can squish on small shoes with some success so many people are buying the 28 mm length shoes because of this and because of that these shoes are more common than the other sizes. But 28 mm size shoes generally only works when it is low cut flats and/or mary janes. You have to go up in size if you want to buy laced shoes and even more if you want to buy boots because of that the little witches have thick ankles and calves. Also, 28 mm shoes should only be bought if you know for sure that it will fit (by reviews) or you are OK with some gambling. A few of the 28 mm shoes will even also fit with thin socks. So, the good sizes to buy would be ranging from 28 to 31 mm. (remember, bigger sizes if higher shoes/boots)

Shoe review

Because of that I have bought so many shoes I have done a review of them! The socks material I use in the review is the same as the tights I sell in my shop. I only review the shoes I actually have in my collection. There are surely a lot of other shoes to buy! Click on the pictures to see bigger view.

Note: The links to the shops in the list below are mostly non-functioning but I will let this page be here because the size guide in measurement is still valid and you may find the shoes in other shops. Good luck!

Shoe: “Elegant t-strap” #739
Size: 28/14
Review: Tight fit, perfect snug fit on nude foot. Possible to put over socks after a few uses.

Shoe: “Ribbon side Mary Jane’s” #746
Size: 28/14
Very tight fit, takes a while to put on. Once it is on it is nice looking on nude foot. I have not been able to put on with socks. Maybe it is possible once the shoes have been used a few times.

Shoe: “Crossed ankle strap” #770
Size: 28/14
Source: Monique
Review: Tight fit, shoes are relatively ok to put on, but the straps are hard to be put together. Able to put on over thin socks with some effort.

Shoe: “Splendid ankle strap” #744
Size: 28/14 (28 mm)
Source: Monique, Juju’s Dolly Mall
Review: A favorite among the smaller shoes. Tight fit, but expands nicely with use, so it is relatively ok to put on. Pretty on nude foot. Able to put on over thin socks with some effort. Shoe:

Shoe: “Pearly flats” #794 or “Pearl Accented flats”
Size: 28/14 (28 mm)
Source: Monique, Juju’s Dolly Mall
Review: Tight fit, relatively ok to put on. One of the shoes has a split back seam, but it may be just this shoe. Possible to put on over thin socks.

Shoe: “Classic ankle strap w/bow” #741
Size: 28/14
Source: Monique
Not recommended! Too tight, but able to put on, but the fabric has gotten stress cracks and the strap broke off on one shoe. Not possible to use with socks. These shoes is made of another type of fabric (semi shiny) that won’t withstand the stress of the tight fit very well. So, stay away of these shoes unless you find bigger sizes or shoes with the usual pleather fabric.

Shoe: “Scallop Ankle strap”
Size: 28 mm
Source: Juju’s Dolly Mall
Review: This is similar looking to the “Splendid” version, but because of the extra fabric strip around the edge this shoe is not as flexible, so it is harder to put on. But I was still able to put it on with socks, with some effort.

Shoe: “Saddle shoes”
Size: 30 mm
Source: Juju’s Dolly Mall
Review: Easy to put on nude foot. Takes some effort to put on foot with sock, but not too hard. Note: The shoe laces has been replaced. The original ones were too thick in my opinion.

Shoe: Usually named tiny shoes and/or lace shoes, go by size to be sure.
Size: 1 1/4″
Source: Ebay store: Eurostyleknits
Review: Easy-peasy to put on nude foot, not even having to unlace the laces. Normal effort to put on socks. Better looking with socks.

Shoe: “Shoes & Sneakers for 6″ Kelly & Others” (Mary Janes only)
Size: 31 mm
Source: Juju’s Dolly Mall
Review: Very easy to put on nude foot, easy on socks. Simplest shoes to put on out of my Emerald Witch shoes. Better looking with socks. Pretty design too, so this is my favorite out of the bigger shoes.

Shoe: “Furry Ice Skates” #732
Size: 28/14
Review: Too small for Emerald Witch, not possible to put on. (have sold them by now) I think for boots you have to go for at least 31 mm or more!

Thanks to Baldie for being such a good model (or guinea pig)!


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  1. val

    Wow, thanks for this it has been extremely useful. I was going to go to juju’s dolly mall to go with the mint green 31cm mary janes for kelly but they are not selling at the moment! you wouldnt happen to know any other sellers?

    cheers Val (^^)

  2. admin

    Hello Val!
    I don’t know of other than the ones I listed in the text. I haven’t bought any shoes since I made this text, I am sorry. What I did to find shoes was to google for them. I wrote doll shoes and then the measurements in the google and by that way I found Juju in the beginning. :)

  3. Val maier

    Thank you so much for this link it has been really helpful! Valx

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