Sweet Gown collection

For Blythecon Chicago I tentatively started a collection I called Sweet Gown, and I completed it in time for Blythecon Tokyo. The dress itself consists of two parts; Dress with built in overskirt, and a skirt part. The main dress part is made of cute Japanese print fabric and I embellished it with trimmings made of velvet trim, pom pom trim and ruffled vintage ribbon. The collar and sleeves are made of two layered fabric, bottom layer being poplin fabric and top layer iridescent “hologram” lamé fabric. I remember the lamé fabric being as very hard to work with, with it fraying madly.

The underskirt is made of triple layered fabric consisting of poplin as bottom layer, iridescent “hologram” lamé fabric as middle layer and flocked tulled as top layer. It is then trimmed with vintage ribbon, ric rac and satin roses. I pleated the ribbon and then arranged it in fancy fashion on the skirt part.

The vintage ribbon is a rare thing, it is a nice lovely smooth ribbon made of nylon. The difference to ribbons of today is that it has a taffeta weave instead for the satin weave we see now and unlike grosgrain ribbons it is smooth. I absolutely love them and I only have a small stash and it is super hard to hand. A pity!

And to top off I made fascinator too, which is basically a slightly curved circle decorated with pleated vintage ribbon just as above and fake icing and decoden charms. I like how it turned out!

I made the collection for two doll sizes; Neo Blythe and Emerald Witch.

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Flower Power Corset

I have made three corsets so far, but I will only show this one, the second. I am also pleased with my third corset but I do not have any good photos of it.

This was my first overbust corset and I used a sewing pattern from Simplicity but I modified it much to fit me. But alas, I made the mock up of a twill fabric that turned out being a little stretchier than the final fabric I used. So lesson learned, always test the fabric using for mock up so its characteristics would match that of final fabric!

So it turned out being a little smaller and a little less curvy than my body would tolerate. But it became a good base to work with for making the pattern for the third corset! For the third corset I made a lot of adjustments to make the fit even better.

Even if I never really used it, it was a fun project to do. Also, now in retrospect I would have chosen other fabric. It is a little too garish for my current tastes! But again, it was a fun project!

Below here you see a gallery of the then unfinished third corset. It was then new and not yet embellished, and also I had put it on a little high up on my body. But even then it was much better than the “Flower Power” corset! On the pictures you can also see me wearing a chemise I made too. After the first outing I sewn on lace trim and ribbon bow on top and on the bottom I stitched flossing; hand embroidery detail on every boning channel.

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Early machine embroidered projects

When I just bought myself a embroidering machine I had to make things for everyone. I had much more energy back then!

For my sister I made a pink shoulder bag with a motif of Raphael of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I did not digitize the motif, however. I bought it online.

For mother I made a sewing kit filled with sewing notions I have purchased and embroidered a motif I also bought.

To father I made a kitchen apron, again embroidered with purchased motifs.

Then I started to digitize myself. Princess Peach was one of the early attempts.

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I made a wallet a while ago using a cute fabric from Japan with fairytale print. I have created the pattern myself for this. I remember I made the coin pouch in a folded design as of to store more coins, but I did not realize it is hard to dig out from the relatively narrow zipper into the “deep” pocket. At least the coins stayed there. It was a fun project.

This wallet has stayed with me for years so it is rather grubby now. However, since two years I have changed to a smaller card sized wallet instead.

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