The Starlets

These are the Funny Bunny dolls (that is, the dolls I own), sorted by arrival. If you want to read more about the dolls in general and not about my personal dolls please go to the Information page instead. I am not the maker of these dolls nor do I sell them. Thank you for your understanding.

Neo and Kenner Blythe dolls

Apple BlossomC herrybrandy100ingridhoney100lavenderfields100jellybean100sweetstrawberry100candypink100pebbles100sugarcookie100panda100petuniakibbles100chocolatepudding100mircallakarnstein100bubblegum100rosebouquet100forestmeadow100lemoncurd100almondmilk100blueberrypie100popsicle100cupcake100cinna100Lily ValleyMelody StarKara Zor-ElAubergine Bordeaux GardenJuniper BlueSpirulinaMidoriPoppyViolet Beauregarde

Middie Blythe dolls

Aloe VeraRosa RaspberryRhubarb CheesecakeAmanita Muscaria ToadstoolSnowballApple PieAsparagus Chardonnay GardenPenny Peony

Emerald Witch dolls


Sindy dolls


Mattel dolls

Liddle KiddlesVivicia

The odd ones