Not decided yet, nicknamed “Baldie”

Stock doll:
1972 Girls World Emerald Witch

February 18th, 2008

Favorite hobby:

Hair removed

Dear Baldie… “Baldie” is one of the four Emerald Witches that came from same lot. I have not decided her name yet, so she is nicknamed “Baldie” because of her lack of hair!

That was an accident when I tried to straighten her hair. I did not know that Emerald Witch’s hair would react badly to any heat related treatment. It shrunk and frizzed up into a pile of mess. So I removed her hair entirely. I have plans to reroot her, but meanwhile she is acting as the body model for sewing. Good hard working girl!

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Hello, would love to purchase some outfits from you for emerald the witch dool!

September, 16 2010 at 22:04 Permalink


Have you visited my shop? (click on the shop link above and go to the main shop) There you can see some clothes for Emerald Witch.
I sell things in the shop only. All other photos are either old shop photos or from my own collection.
Thanks :)

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