Stock doll
1972 Girls World Emerald Witch
February 18th, 2008
Favorite hobby
Hair removed
Baldie came together with her three sisters to the Funny Bunny coven. She is also secretive about her name. What’s with those girls?

Baldie is quite bad at casting spells. She cast a spell that made hot water spray on her fragile hair and she watched it frizz up into a hard clump. Baldie decided to shave her hair and then she kept it that way. Now that’s why she is called Baldie!

Photos of “Baldie”

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  1. Michele

    Hello, would love to purchase some outfits from you for emerald the witch dool!

  2. admin

    Have you visited my shop? (click on the shop link above and go to the main shop) There you can see some clothes for Emerald Witch.
    I sell things in the shop only. All other photos are either old shop photos or from my own collection.
    Thanks :)

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