Candy Pink

Candice (Candy) Pink
Stock doll
Takara Blythe ROK-EX Velvet Minuet
August 6th 2004
Favorite food
Saran reroot, eyemakeup removed, gaze corrected and new eye-chips installed. Eyeballs whitened. Pull-ring replaced.
Candy Pink sold all her clothes and traveled nude from Hawaii to Sweden in order to receive a big makeover. Candy Pink used to have big ego and being an diva but now with age she has mellowed. Candy used to to be close with Cupcake until Cupcake decided to move to a foster home. Now Candy hangs out with Ingrid and the other “oldies”.

Candy Pink was my first big custom project. It was first time for me to try out that interesting but time consuming process of rerooting hair. It was also the fastest reroot I have ever done. It took 6 days. I tell you, it was because of novelty!

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  1. Åhh va många underbara Blythe dockor du har, vill oxå börja samla men än då länge så har jag inte lyckats hitta någon..är ju inte så haj på detta med utländska köp sidor så jag får snällt vänta tills någon här i sverige skall sälja någon utav sina.. =/
    Sen kan jag tänka mig att köpa några utav dina underbara kläder.. =)
    Ha en fortsatt bra vecka!

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