Stock doll:
Mid 80’s Pedigree Sindy

May 8th, 2010

Hair restoration work.

The story repeats itself with Cindy; she got rescued from the thrift store I frequent to, from the toys area with tons of children tugging on the toys. I thought she would be the worst shape one but Cindy cleaned up very well. The bald hair was just the rooting style and unthatched hair. I thatched the hair again (= weaved the part line) and then set it with some boiling hot water and she’s good again! However I am pretty sure the hair cut was made by some child in the past as I could not find Sindy dolls with this type of hair cut on any of the reference sites! Of course, if I am wrong just let me know. :) I am not sure which Sindy she is, but she is the late Pedigree era with soft vinyl head. Just before her face turned into looking like a grinning Barbie clone.

Latest photos of Cindy

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