Luma (Illuminati)
Stock doll
1972 Girls World Emerald Witch
February 18th, 2008
Favorite things
Everything radiant
Saran hair reroot, clear eyechips installed and new eye makeup
Illuminati, or Luma came to the Funny Bunny coven together with three other sisters. She went to the Funny Bunny clinic to get a full makeover to reflect her inner self better. Her hair now glows in dark and is truly illuminating in many ways and senses!

Photos of Luma

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  1. stephanie

    The shoes are sooo cute. I like them better than her original shoes. Well, actually, they are all a rubbery plastic boot. I absolutely love your outfits. I want all of them. I only wish I had your talent.

  2. Helena

    Thank you for your sweet words :) Yes I agree the normal doll shoes are better than the stock Emerald witch boots. But after all, Emerald Witch were markets for kids, so I understand why they chose cheap boots.

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