Liddle Kiddles

Liddle Kiddles

Liddle Kiddles

Stock doll:
Mattel Liddle Kiddles of different types


I love the looks of the vintage Liddle Kiddles, made by Mattel brand. Their eyemakeup is awesome as well as the groovy style of that era! Currently I have five kiddles: Kologne Kiddle Violet, Annabelle Autodiddle, Shirley Skediddler, Kologne Kiddle Apple Blossom and Funny Bunny Kiddle.

Latest photos of the Liddle Kiddles

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  1. I also love Liddle Kiddles. My sister and I (twins) were in kindergarten when Kiddles first came out and our mom bought us just about everyone for our birthdays and at other times. We just thought they were soooo cute! Sad to say that as we got older we lost some and gave the others away to our little cousin. Now I am collecting them because they bring back such fun memories and they’re still just the cutest.


  2. My daughter love the all the items, I agree with with Lisa Kornsila(Ochoa)very good for the kids

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