Lily Valley

Lily Valley

Lily Valley

Stock doll:
Takara Blythe RBL Prima Dolly Ebony

September 24th, 2009

Favorite hobby:
Collecting vintage beauty products

Hair cut, eye-makeup airbrushed, lip re-paint, new eyechips and matching pull-ring.

Lily Valley arrived together with the other three Prima Dolly girls but only Mayonnaise and Cloudberry Grove got presented right away. Lily Valley had her concept idea going on for a long while until I finally bought airbrush tool, and then it took a while again, to master the art of airbrushing… Lily is a very patient girl and now finally she is finished and could be presented as a Funny Bunny girl.

Now she enjoys studying about the mod era fashion and is hoping to get more mod clothes!

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Betty van der Meulen:

Have not forgotten the other dollies, Lily Valley, but time is short at the moment as I am very sleepy and will get back to all the other girls after a good sleep and walk. You, my dear dolly are so unique, and the fact that you are the first air-brushed beauty proves just that! You are exquisite, your choice of “mod” fashion delightful and certainly suites you to the “T”! You have shown amazing patience and should be very proud of yourself. Now is your time…time to study diligently and be rewarded with a plethora of mod designs and accessories, don’t you agree? Lovely girl, it has been a pleasure talking to you, learning all about you, I’ll definitely keep my eye on your progress. You are stunning Lily Valley! Hugs, Betty :o)

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