Stock doll:
Malibu era Mattel Skipper

June 13th, 2010


I went to a flea market that I haven’t visited for years. It wasn’t a good day, with the exception for two dolls: Peggy and Melanoma! I bought Melanoma just for the heck of it and the affordable price. She had a lot of black spots, both small and big. The spots together with the excessive tan made me give her the name Melanoma. The larger black spots disappeared when I did some good rubbing with the good old Mr. Clean Magic sponge. I do not know much more about her and exact which era she is from, other than that she is Malibu era and that she does not have tan lines. She has got something like a messy hime cut hair however I am afraid it is from abuse and not original hair cut. But if I am wrong you are welcome to correct me. Also if you have more information about this or some other of my dolls.

She is in reality the second Skipper but the first can’t really be counted because it is just a skipper body with severe fractures and chewed away feet together with a buzz cut Midge head… ;)

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