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1975 Pedigree Sindy Lovely Lively

June 13th, 2010


I went to a flea market that I haven’t visited for years. It wasn’t a good day, with the exception for two dolls: Peggy and Melanoma! Here is Peggy, the oldest Sindy doll in my collection. Oldest in age and not arrival date that is. She was quite dirty and lacked a hand but she cleaned up very well, however she did not grow out a hand, though. She is also my first articulated Sindy doll. This one is called Lovely Lively. However there’s a debate whether she is an odd Lovely Lively with short hair or if some child grabbed the head off a Funtime Sindy from 1976 and put it on this body. But nontheless she is very pretty and I love her face with the curly hair. She is one of my favorite Sindy dolls out of my bunch.

Latest photos of Peggy

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  1. Is this dress on Peggy a Barbie dress by any chance? My sister had one just like it for her Midge doll? I love your site. I have an Emerald doll with one or 2 outfits. I’m trying to “lighten up my life” by letting go of some of my childhood items, and while I was considering selling my Emerald doll, I’m not thinking about getting her a cute little outfit and putting her out in my Art/Office room so can see what is going on in the world! I’ve “liked” you on FB so hopefully I will know when you have some new outfits available!! Great work and photos!

  2. Hello Jacki!
    I am sorry for being late with my reply. Yes the dress is indeed Barbie! I love the vintage Barbie fashion so I buy a few once in a while when I find them locally. And THANK YOU for liking my site. I am also happy for you wanting to keep onto your witch. :)

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