Stock doll
1972 Girls World Emerald Witch
February 18th, 2008
Favorite fungus
Amanita muscaria
Hair straightened
“Straight-Hair” arrived together with her three sisters to the Funny Bunny coven. She is still secretive about her name, so I am calling her Straight-Hair. I am sure she has told the other members of her coven, though!

Word of advice: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO STRAIGHTEN YOUR EMERALD WITCH’S HAIR! Straight-Hair was the fluke, the exception of the rule. All the other poor witches got frizzy melted clump of hair as result.

Recent photos of “Straight-Hair”

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  1. Hello, very interested in purchasing some outfits for my emerald doll, do you sell them or know anyone who does? Thanks, Michele

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