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Stock doll:
Pose dolls from different companies.  Bradley is one such company.

I fell in love with pose dolls (also called boudoir dolls) when I saw photos of dolls that has been customized neatly, as well as original stock pose dolls from Japan wearing mod style clothes. I love their faces!

After a long while of being unsure and not being able to find any I like, I found one I liked and I bought her for the purpose of changing the clothes on her. But when I received her I changed my mind and wanted to kept her basically as is. (the idea is to change the trims and also the hat) It is this doll that is shown to right here. (excuse her bad manners)

I soon bought two another ones. One of them I removed the clothes and had the idea of giving her vintage nurse clothes including the mouth cover because of a scratch on her nose. I am almost finished with that one.

Then I saw a lot of almost 40 pose dolls and I bought them. Now I feel overwhelmed instead, and have moved on to something else… I tell you, some moderate control is good!

Latest photos of the pose dolls

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  1. hahahaha i love this post and i totally understand! i bought my first one at an antique store and just bought another on etsy.. we’ll see how my new little obsession grows. where did you find customized pose dolls? i’d love to see! my new one on the way i’m planning to customize.. but anyway i get addicted to things in spurts also. ;)

  2. Oh haha, yes.. I have now moved to a smaller place so the majority of the pose dolls are packed down in boxes and stored up in the attic.
    I haven’t bought any customized ones. The one I have is made by me but not finished… :P Here is a group with pose dolls with new clothes:

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