I have begun to collect on My Little Pony now. I am only interested in so called G1, the first generation of ponies that were sold in the 80s and a little bit in the early 90s.

I had five ponies and the Dream Castle when I was a child. The ponies were Baby Apple Jack and Baby Blossom, as a duo package, Majesty, Trickles and Shady. Due to a mistake in storage, these are gone now so I do not have any of my childhood toys.


Earth ponies

Lemon Drop (1983-84)
Cherries Jubilee (1985)
Posey (1985)
Tootsie (white European variant, 1985)

Rainbow ponies

Parasol (1983)
Confetti (1984-85)
Flutterbye (1984-85)
Trickles (1984-85)

Unicorn ponies

Majesty (1983-84)
Powder (1984-85)

Pegasus ponies

Firefly (curly hair version, 1984-85)

So Soft ponies, also including NSS

North Star (Not So Soft European variant, 1985-86)
Shady (Not So Soft European variant, 1985-86)

Baby and Newborn Baby ponies

Baby Firefly (1984)
Baby Cotton Candy (1984)
Baby Apple Jack (1984-85)
Baby Blossom (1984-85)
Baby Cuddles (1984-85)
Baby Glory (1984-85)
Newborn Baby Speckles (1987-88)

Sea ponies

Baby Sea Breeze (1986-87)

Princess ponies

Princess Serena/Aquamarine (1986-87)
Princess Royal Blue/Sapphire (1986-87)

Sundae Best ponies

Crunch Berry (1986-87)
Sherbet (1986-87)

Merry Go Round ponies

Brilliant Blossoms (1988-89)
Tassels (1988-89)

Candy Cane ponies

Sugar Apple (1988-89)
Sugar Sweet (1988-89)

Sunshine ponies

Sand Digger (1988-89)

Rainbow Curl ponies

Raincurl (1989-1990)


Dream Castle (1983)

Reproduction by Basic Fun

Bow Tie

Recent photos of My Little Pony

Also including photos of other people’s collections and other related photos.

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