Blythecon Europe Oporto

Funny Bunny will be vending at Blythecon Europe in Oporto, Portugal!
The date is June 8th 2019.

I personally will not be there due to personal reasons. But you will be able to buy my goods. Christa will graciously help me with the table. Be sure to say hello to her.

This time I am going to have a focus on Neo Blythe and Petite blythe fashion. So far I have made maxi dresses for Neo Blythe, and now I am working on Bunny dresses for mostly Petite Blythe but also four for Middie Blythe size and one Emerald Witch size.

I will continually be making fashion until it is time for me to send the package mid May. My next project phase is to try on making a new dress style for Petite Blythe.

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Funny Bunny Boutique Update

I have now adjusted the shipping rates to reflect that of the PostNord’s 2019 rates. A few adjusted up, some other down. I also removed the Europe shipping destination as since a couple of years there are no such rate anymore. It is now just Sweden or Worldwide. I guess they did this for the sake of simplicity.

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Funny Bunny 3.0

Funny Bunny 3.0 is soon finished! That is, the website redesign.

I have now added a new page called Portfolio. I plan to showcase my work I have done, both for myself, to show that I have managed to finish quite a lot of works after all, and also as a good way to show people what I do. People outside my doll friends circles, basically.

However I plan to add other works as well, and not strictly doll fashion. I hope the format I use will work out.

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Hip Hip Hooray!

Apple Blossom is 15 years old and likewise Funny Bunny! Time to celebrate!

I am in the process of updating the website and it took longer time than I have planned for due to some unforeseen issues. Please bear with me.

Other than a new website I have plans of releasing a special anniversary fashion collection!

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15 years anniversary and redesign

The 18th of March will be Funny Bunny’s anniversay day! 15 years! Hard to believe.

I got tired of the old look of the website. It was too fussy any graphic-intense so I wanted to remove everything and have a clean look to this. For now I am setting up the bare bones. Once I am finished with that, I will try to figure out which graphic profile I am going to use.

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