Shoe buying guide for Emerald Witch

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The first new page since the grand opening! I have bought a lot of shoes for my Emerald Witch dolls and it is not easy to figure out the size because of the odd shape of the doll so I have made a page about how to buy shoes for Emerald Witch. There are also reviews of all the shoes I have for my witches. If you want to buy shoes for your little witch be sure to visit this resource page. I hope you will find it helpful!

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Grand opening of Funny Bunny 2.0

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Hello! The idea of this version of the website started when I was preparing photos of some neat vintage wallpapers, making them seamless for tiling, to use in the game The Sims 2. I looked at one of the files and thought that it would be very nice to have as background for a totally new Funny Bunny website!

I love vintage style, and this new look of vintage elegance is great because it is not as hard on the eyes as the previous website. I hope you will like it because I have worked on this site since 12th of August, and then when I was about to open this website a couple of days ago the whole site got corrupted, so I had a lot of nerve-wracking, crying and pulling hair hours of recovering files, looking around at cache files, uploading 5-days-old backups, trying to remember what I wrote… But finally it is finished – again!

I hope so, at least. So I would love to have your help hunting down these pesky small bugs that may be hiding somewhere! Just drop a comment by then!

Welcome again, and remember to do fresh backups no matter what you are doing! :)

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