Happy Birthday, Apple Blossom!

Today, 18th of March, Apple Blossom turned 13. 13 years ago I bought my first Blythe, and that’s a Pow Wow Poncho. It is kind of hard to imagine 13 years have gone by already!

We went to the city and I took some photos!

Apple Blossom

Apple Blossom Apple Blossom

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Home again!

I am now home again after the long trips to Tokyo and London!

I had so much fun on the trips! In Tokyo I visited Blythecon. It was amazing to meet people, both new and old! I will write more about it another day!

Now I have reopened the shop. So far there are only old stock items. I have gone through the inventory so it is correct now.

I will list the leftover items from Blythecon eventually.

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2016 Celebration of Funny Bunny!

Funny Bunny is already 12 years old! Apple Blossom really. But I say it is also Funny Bunny anniversary. Apple Blossom came to me the 18th of March 2004.

So it is time for giveaways and a bonus raffle! Let’s celebrate! Links below!

PS. While you are very welcome to comment below, to join the giveaways please comment on the respective pages for those giveaways.

The Raffle of 2016

Giveaway: Prototype Bunny Dress

Giveaways: Sewing Pattern sets

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