Funny Bunny 3.0

Funny Bunny 3.0 is soon finished! That is, the website redesign.

I have now added a new page called Portfolio. I plan to showcase my work I have done, both for myself, to show that I have managed to finish quite a lot of works after all, and also as a good way to show people what I do. People outside my doll friends circles, basically.

However I plan to add other works as well, and not strictly doll fashion. I hope the format I use will work out.

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Hip Hip Hooray!

Apple Blossom is 15 years old and likewise Funny Bunny! Time to celebrate!

I am in the process of updating the website and it took longer time than I have planned for due to some unforeseen issues. Please bear with me.

Other than a new website I have plans of releasing a special anniversary fashion collection!

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15 years anniversary and redesign

The 18th of March will be Funny Bunny’s anniversay day! 15 years! Hard to believe.

I got tired of the old look of the website. It was too fussy any graphic-intense so I wanted to remove everything and have a clean look to this. For now I am setting up the bare bones. Once I am finished with that, I will try to figure out which graphic profile I am going to use.

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Happy Birthday, Apple Blossom!

Today, 18th of March, Apple Blossom turned 13. 13 years ago I bought my first Blythe, and that’s a Pow Wow Poncho. It is kind of hard to imagine 13 years have gone by already!

We went to the city and I took some photos!

Apple Blossom

Apple Blossom Apple Blossom

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Home again!

I am now home again after the long trips to Tokyo and London!

I had so much fun on the trips! In Tokyo I visited Blythecon. It was amazing to meet people, both new and old! I will write more about it another day!

Now I have reopened the shop. So far there are only old stock items. I have gone through the inventory so it is correct now.

I will list the leftover items from Blythecon eventually.

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