Sew with Funny Bunny is my doll sewing pattern line for Neo/Kenner Blythe! With Middie and Emerald Witch patterns planned as well, in the future. Every pattern set consists of a graphic intense booklet with clear illustrations of moments of constructing and the patterns itself on separate files.

This is how the sewing pattern sets look like

Voluminous instruction booklet
Instructions rich with illustrations

Highly detailed patterns (here obscured)

Did you know that the patterns are color-coded? Blue for Neo Blythe size and pink for Middie Blythe size!

Available Sewing Patterns

Hopscotch Happy

Two dresses, one bloomer and one hair bow accessory for Neo/Kenner Blythe size

Sugar Wonderland

One dress, one apron, one hair bow and one petticoat for Middie Blythe size

License Types

There are two different license types and it applies to all the available patterns.  The Default license type is Non-Seller’s License. You can purchase an upgrade to be able to sell the creations you made using the sewing pattern. Please read the licenses before you buy the sewing patterns. Contact me if you want to have a custom license.

Featured photos

Please tag your Instagram photos with #sewwithfunnybunny if you want to be featured here!

Other useful information

Here is also an old article, I am keeping it here because you can get a lot of useful information from there.

Miniature Sewing

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