Flower Power Corset

I have made three corsets so far, but I will only show this one, the second. I am also pleased with my third corset but I do not have any good photos of it.

This was my first overbust corset and I used a sewing pattern from Simplicity but I modified it much to fit me. But alas, I made the mock up of a twill fabric that turned out being a little stretchier than the final fabric I used. So lesson learned, always test the fabric using for mock up so its characteristics would match that of final fabric!

So it turned out being a little smaller and a little less curvy than my body would tolerate. But it became a good base to work with for making the pattern for the third corset! For the third corset I made a lot of adjustments to make the fit even better.

Even if I never really used it, it was a fun project to do. Also, now in retrospect I would have chosen other fabric. It is a little too garish for my current tastes! But again, it was a fun project!

Below here you see a gallery of the then unfinished third corset. It was then new and not yet embellished, and also I had put it on a little high up on my body. But even then it was much better than the “Flower Power” corset! On the pictures you can also see me wearing a chemise I made too. After the first outing I sewn on lace trim and ribbon bow on top and on the bottom I stitched flossing; hand embroidery detail on every boning channel.

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Early machine embroidered projects

When I just bought myself a embroidering machine I had to make things for everyone. I had much more energy back then!

For my sister I made a pink shoulder bag with a motif of Raphael of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I did not digitize the motif, however. I bought it online.

For mother I made a sewing kit filled with sewing notions I have purchased and embroidered a motif I also bought.

To father I made a kitchen apron, again embroidered with purchased motifs.

Then I started to digitize myself. Princess Peach was one of the early attempts.

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I made a wallet a while ago using a cute fabric from Japan with fairytale print. I have created the pattern myself for this. I remember I made the coin pouch in a folded design as of to store more coins, but I did not realize it is hard to dig out from the relatively narrow zipper into the “deep” pocket. At least the coins stayed there. It was a fun project.

This wallet has stayed with me for years so it is rather grubby now. However, since two years I have changed to a smaller card sized wallet instead.

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Kawaii backpack

In time for my first Blythecon trip in 2010 I decided I needed a backpack to use for the traveling. I did not want to buy one because all the backpacks I saw in shops were boring and/or juvenile (in wrong way).

I had a lot of cute Japanese fabrics and some of them were coarse/thicker and unsuitable for doll fashion sewing, due to a mistake of my part when I bought them. I made wallet of one of them as I wrote earlier, and I made backpack of another one.

I was in such a hurry to get finished in time for the travel so I bought a pattern online somewhere and I followed the pattern, with exception for the front pocket design.

I used craft foam to pad the upper part of the straps and it was a good solution.

I used it so much that it got tattered in pieces with holes and all. Then I had to force myself to retire it. Thank you for your time, backpack! Fun fact: one of the animals on the print inspired me to create Miss Bunny, that is, the Funny Bunny mascot.

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Lolita Fashion

Back in 2002-2004 I was wearing what is called Lolita fashion. (quick reminder; it is a cute and modest fashion, not a fetish nor costume) I made my clothes myself because it was such a hassle to buy from Japan at that time. Instead for making a separate portfolio page for every garment I am going to show all of them on this post, and also only a selection of what I have made.

Back in time there were so little information on both the Lolita fashion itself and also the pattern construction so I relied on the Swedish book that everyone used in the education here in Sweden. That book while it is good for introducing me to the pattern construction, has its problem areas, one of them being very sack like and very 80’s in the idea of how the garment should sit. I tried to adapt that, but now I see I could have adapted even more.

Black and white gingham dress

This dress I made when I fell in love with a dress Baby the Stars Shine Bright (my then favorite brand) released. I copied the style and made my own version of the embroidery on the skirt, which in my opinion is better than the original. Now in retrospect I feel the cut could be a little better on the shoulder area (making the sleeves start a little earlier on the shoulder width and lowering the neckline a little bit) but that’s what happen when you evolve and learn more about cut of fashion. I remember it took me months to make this.

Strawberry case

To go with the gingham dress I bought a picnic case from second hand shop and removed the innards and embellished it with some trimming and fake strawberries. I still think it is clever!

Black Poplin dress

This was the first dress I made, I remember. Before that I have only made skirts. It was made of black poplin fabric and I embellished it with lots of black lace and satin roses. In retrospect I should have chosen better fabric as the poplin is a little “gray”. The photo, I have photoshopped it back in time to be better looking. Naturally!

The pattern I made for this dress became the base pattern for the black and white gingham dress. The sleeves were detachable, and fastened with riveted snap buttons.

Black rose head dresss

To go with the black dress I made a black head dress embellished with lace trim and black roses. This is so much better than the first head dress I made, which I am not going to show.

White blouse

I needed a nice good blouse and I fell in love with a blouse I saw from one of the shops online websites and I made a copy. I think it may have been Innocent World? I am not sure. But it is nice I think. I remember it is not perfect copy either, as I made the sleeves more like Baby the Stars Shine Bright style. At least I did not use poplin for the fabric here! The buttons are heart shaped.

Red and white gingham skirt

The skirt’s pattern may be from one of the Gothic&Lolita bibles (fashion magazine) but I am not entirely sure. Or I could have been inspired by existing fashion again. Here I used a lace trim I still like, it is finer than the ones I used before in above works. I found it in a thrift shop. The lace trim that is!

Red and white gingham bag

Naturally I had to make a bag to match. This one I clearly remember that the sewing pattern came from one of the “bibles”. I made two hair bows to match. A little teeny tiny in size compared with today’s style!

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